love & light

did I mention how awesome love & light is???  when you spread it out, it returns to you x 10, maybe even more.

we all have hard days sometimes, but if you just try to find the positive, it may help you remember to smile.  there’s always good. sometimes you just have to look for it, like one of those hidden pictures in the Highlights magazines I read as a child or the Photo Hunt video game I played as a young adult.

the natural world is full of surprises.  it’s harder to find them here in the suburbs where so much material has been built up over the top of it, but if you look real hard, you can still find those little treats.

spread it out, love & light.

3 thoughts on “love & light”

  1. How can you explain love and light, the higher spirit, manifestation of positivity if someone does not believe that these things matter or are in power of the world? Do you never speak of it? Do you plant seeds of positivity even if they tell you they will rip the seeds out?

  2. In your own subtle way you plant the seeds; that way they don’t even know where they are so they can’t rip them up. One day the seeds start to grow……

  3. I think you plant the seeds of love even if you don’t mean too… :) Never hurts to put an idea out into the universe to see if it actually manifests… Love and light, always and all the time.

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